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Bespoke Tower

Because of the flexibility of the Octo 250 Tower Scaffold, it is possible to create a more Bespoke Tower Scaffold. Tower can be linked with Spandeck to create longer and safer working platforms with a specially designed handrail posts system, allowing safe access to the entire length of the extended platform. This method of construction is also much more cost effective in comparison to using only scaffolding. This system is particularly useful when
working at the side of a building and is generally supplied in the Single-width form of Tower.

For a longer tower without any linkage, a 3 Legged Tower is available that doubles the length of any platform size. It is the equivalent of two towers joined end to end.



Spanning and Bridging Bespoke Tower Systems
It may be necessary to span over an obstruction such as a conservatory, machinery or a void. This is efficiently and safely achieved by linking Tower with Spandeck or Staging Boards. Spandeck is generally the best option due to its design that allows each deck to be securely hooked between Scaffold Towers. Spandeck has platforms of varying lengths from 3.7m up to 7.2m and are constructed from light-weight high strength aluminium with built-in integral toeboards. A unique handrail system can be securely fitted to one or both sides of each platform resulting in an extended fully guard-railed platform being created.

Advanced Guardrail
Advanced Guardrail is an alternative method of tower erection to the 3T method and fully complies with ‘The Working at Height 2005’ Act. The main benefit of this system of erection is the elimination of the need for diagonal and horizontal braces, reducing the number of components.

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This unique simple but effective fire retardant product can be used in numerous environments, reducing the risk of accidental damage by absorbing the force of impact made by Access equipment. Find out more, click here.


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