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Stairpod 500

The unit has been designed to provide a safer way of working on staircases, providing a platform level of 0.5m (1.0m from lower step).

For all those applications that are just out of reach, the stairpod is the answer! Allowing stable, safe access whilst working on a staircase, this unit is ideal for 1 man use & rapid access.

This unit is also suitable for use on flat ground, proiding platform levels of 0.25m & 0.5m




Unique Features

  • Platform aread ideal size for one man and tools.
  • The unit is fitted with adjustable legs with base plates, idea for most staircases.
  • Non-slip platform board.
  • Gated access to allow ease of entry and exciting to and from the unit
  • Stabilizers included with every unit
Product Max. Platform (H) Dimensions Unit Weight


0.5m (1.0m from lower step) 600mmx600mm 30kg


This unique simple but effective fire retardant product can be used in numerous environments, reducing the risk of accidental damage by absorbing the force of impact made by Access equipment. Find out more, click here.


  • For more information on this product, click here to view or download our product guide.


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