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Tower Scaffold – Octo 250

Advanced Guard Rail System (A.G.R.)

The Advanced Guard Rail System has been designed as an alternative method of ‘tower build’ to the existing and standard 3T method. Approved by P.A.S.M.A. and the H.S.E., who consider it to be a safer method of erecting/ dismantling scaffold tower. Specially designed A.G.R. frames replace diagonal and horizontal braces and creates a guard rail at all stages of erection and dismantling. Though safer, this system is somewhat restricted and not as versatile as the standard Octo 250 ‘3T building method system’ and it is not always possible to achieve the ideal working height when using this system.

Octo 250 A.G.R. Tower

Maximum Internal Platform Height 12.20m
Maximum External Platform Height (before Tying-In) 8.20m
Maximum Working Height + 2.0m
Maximum Guardrail + 1.0m
Other Platform Heights Every 0.250m

It is worth noting that some main contractors only recognise this method of ‘Tower-Build’ on their construction sites.

Safety Instructions & Assembly Guide