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Low Level Access – Large Platform

The Boxing Ring

A large low level platform can easily be built to create “The Boxing Ring Tower” by Spanning two towers that are side by side with supporting link beams and 4 or 5 additional platforms (depending on link beam length). It is the equivalent of four towers in size but with just one large safe and stable working platform.

The maximum base dimension is 6.10m x 3.2m accommodating several operatives but smaller base sizes can be built by using alternate sizes of tower and link beams. It is strongly advised that a maximum platform height of The Boxing Ring is 4.2m. There are many smaller platform heights available.

Boxing Ring Tower

Platform Widths 1.50m, 2.50m or 3.20m
Platform Lengths 4.30m – 6.10m
Maximum Platform Height 4.20m
Maximum Working Height 6.20m
Maximum Guardrail Height 5.20m
Other Platform Heights 0.50m – 3.70m

When working within large spaces, this product is ideal due to its greater platform dimensions. The Boxing Ring is particularly helpful when fixing or plastering large ceilings.