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Tower Scaffold – Octo 250

Octo 250 Standard Tower

With its non-slip climbing rung design of 250mm increments, this tower system is able to have multiple platform heights, providing ideal working height for its operative. The Octo 250 is a robust tower scaffold constructed to the highest standard with the best grade aluminium and is the best option for use within construction and industrial environments.

Serrated non-slip multi-rung frames eliminate the need of separate internal ladders which could be lost. The unique conical head spigots on each frame ensure a quick, safe connection without the need for removable clips and pins.

Octo 250 Tower

Maximum Internal Platform Height 12.20m
Maximum External Platform Height (Before Tying-In) 8.20m
Maximum Working Height + 2.0m
Maximum Guardrail Height + 1.0m
Other Platform Heights 0.25m

Standard 2.0m frames have 8 rungs compared to 4 on other makes of tower and smaller sized frames of 7 to 3 are also available to ensure that the correct platform height is achieved.

Octo 250 Scaffold Tower can be hired or purchased as either a Single Width (0.9m) or a Double Width (1.45m) Tower, with platform lengths of 1.5m, 2.5m or the extra-long 3.2m.

Safety Information & Assembly Guide
Short Single Width
Short Double Width
Width 0.90m Height
Width 1.45m
Standard Single Width
Standard Double
Width 0.90m
Width 1.45m
Length 2.50m
Length 2.50m
Long Single Width
Long Double Width
Width 0.90m
Width 1.45m
Length 3.20m
Length 3.20m