Due to the design of The Octo 250 Tower, it is possible to build longer and safer working platforms. When built, it is possible to have unrestricted working platforms, without dangerous trip hazards and is fully guard railed. For example; 2 x Long Single Width Towers linked together with an additional 3.2m platform has an overall platform length of 9.6m. This is probably the easiest, safest and most cost effective method of building a platform of this size.

It is also possible to span over an object or void by using Spandeck Aluminium Walk-Boards that securely hook onto each frame when used with Single Width Tower because both products are the same width of 0.60m.

Spandeck has an integral toeboard and handrail can be fitted to one or both sides if necessary. Spandeck are available in sizes of 3.7m, 5.0m, 6.1m, and 7.3m.