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Low Level Access – Telescopic Platforms

ZAP 1 & 2

The biggest benefit of using these products is that they are the only platforms that can be height adjusted whilst in an upright situ, creating multiple platform sizes when working at varying heights. It is also the only product that can safely be used when working on a sloping surface such as a ramp as well as on different levelled surfaces.

This one-piece unit has narrower widths than most podiums and can fit into tight and confined spaces. It has a highest guard railed platform height of all our Podiums and folding platforms, having a maximum platform height of 2.4m. There are several other platform heights between 1.0m-2.0m depending on the model. These products are very popular within the engineering and construction industries.

Specification and Performance

Zap 1 & 2 Telescopic Platforms
Zap 1
Zap 2
Maximum Platform Height
Maximum Working Height
Maximum Guardrail Height
Other Platform Heights
1.0m – 1.60m
1.30m – 2.10m
Platform Dimension
0.60m x 0.44m
0.60m x 0.44m
Base Dimension
1.91m x 0.81m
2.30m x 0.81m
Base Dimension (with Stabilisers)
1.91m x 2.25m
2.30m x 2.55m
Anti-Surf Option

View or download our product safety and assembly instructions:

Zap 1 & 2 Instruction Manual