Quality Lightweight extension ladders are suitable for industrial, trade and domestic use. Conforming to EN 131 Professional standard, all ladders have fitted stabilising bars as standard and are manufactured from high grade aluminium. Anti-slip ‘D’ shaped Rungs ensures comfortable use.


The BS Class 1 ladder standard has been replaced with a new classification which is:- EN131 Professional. In additional to strict and various rigorous testing, all ladders that are 3.0m or longer are required to have a fitted stabiliser bar in order to meet the new standard. These ladders are suitable for professional and industrial use. All our Extension, Combination and Step Ladders conform to this standard.


The Combination (A-Frame) Ladder is an ‘all-in-one’ extended step or extension ladder and is suitable for a variety of uses. A sliding mechanism converts the ladder between applications and is ideal for light trade use. A universal stabilising bar provides stability on all models.


Section Size Product Code Rungs Per Section Extended Combi Height Extended Ladder Height
2.0m CLS20 7 2.95m 4.20m
2.5m CLS25 9 4.00m 5.90m
2.8m CLS28 10 4.50m 6.50m
3.1m CLS31 11 4.80m 6.80m


This heavy duty Combination Ladder made by Zarges is considered by many to be the best Combination Ladder on the market and is suitable for more industrial applications. German engineering ensures quality and safety and offers more versatility in comparison with other models. As well as it being a free standing extended step ladder, it is also an extension ladder and a stairway ladder.


Section Size Product Code Rungs Per Section Extended Combi Height Extended Ladder Height
1.9m SKY19 6 3.00m 4.10m
2.2m SKY22 7 3.60m 5.00m
2.4m SKY24 8 4.10m 5.80m
2.7m SKY27 9 4.70m 6.70m
2.0m SKY30 10 5.00m 6.90m
3.6m SKY36 12 6.10m 8.60m


There are two Glass Fibre combination Ladders available when a non-conductive product is required.


Section Size Product Code Rungs Per Section Extended Combi Height Extended Ladder Height
1.6m CLSGRP16 6 2.39m 3.28m
2.0m CLSGRP20 7 3.00m 4.10m


Single and Double Extending Roof Ladders are available in sizes from 4.2m to 7.6m. Double extension Roof ladders are able to cope with larger roof slopes and retract to smaller convenient sizes, for storage and transportation.

All Roof ladders are fitted with ridge hooks with wheels on the reverse side for positioning and securing on to roof ridges.

Max Length Product Code Ladder Sections Closed Length
4.6m RLS46 2 2.94m
5.5m RLS55 1
5.6m RLS56 2 3.44m
6.6m RLD66 2 3.94m
7.6m RLD76 2 4.30m


This multi-functional product is compactly folded for ease storage and transportation. It has a simple ” click lock” hinge system enabling it to be used as a step ladder and ladder with a stabilising bar fitted for additional stability and safety. The smallest size (4 x 3 Rung) also has a useful removable platform. There is also a Glass Fibre version (4×3 Rung) but without a platform.


A very useful ladder for light or occasional applications and extends from it’s very compact size of just 0.85m to a maximum length of 3.80m. It is very easily stored and transported in all vans and most cars.


Description Product Code Sections Step Height Ladder Height Platform Height
Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder/Step c/w Platform MPL43 4×3 Rung 1.62m 3.30m 0.90m
Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder/Step MPL44 4×4 Rung 2.27m 4.68m
Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder/Step (Glass Fibre) MPLGRP43 4×3 Rung 1.75m 3.56m
Telescopic Single Ladder TSL38 1 3.80m


The adjustable, telescopic sectional step and ladder has a simple “click-lock” hinge system. It is a multi-functional Step-Ladder, Stairwell Ladder and Extension Ladder. It is conveniently compact when folded away for easy storage and transportation. It has non-slip feet and a splayed base for additional stability.


As it name suggests this versatile product can be used from a Ladder to a Step Ladder. It has an uncomplicated lock system that converts its use from ladder to step. There are 3 available sizes which are 6, 7 and 8 tread Step Ladders and 2.5m, 3.0m and 3.6m Ladders.

Description Product Code Sections Step Height Ladder Height
Telescopic Step/Ladder TLS44 4×4 Rung 1.0m -1.6m 2.0m – 3.2m
Telescopic Step/Ladder TLS45 4×5 Rung 1.3m -2.1m 2.6m – 4.4m
Ladda-Step LS64 1×6 Rung & 1×4 Rung 1.48m 2.55m
Ladda-Step LS75 1×7 Rung & 1×5 Rung 1.72m 3.07m
Ladda-Step LS86 1×8 Rung & 1×6 Rung 1.98m 3.62m

Our Aluminum and Glass Fibre Step Ladders are available as either a Swing-Back or Platform Steps. The Swing-Back Step Ladder is the more basic Step Ladder and the Platform Step Ladder has a top handrail and a platform. All our Steps are of the highest quality constructed from aluminium or glass fibre with non-slip treads and rubber feet. They are suitable for both Industrial and Light Trade applications.

Additional side Handrail can be fitted to the aluminium steps at extra cost if required.


Treads Product Code Open Size Closed Size
4 SSL04 0.79m 0.90m
5 SSL05 1.01m 1.14m
6 SSL06 1.24m 1.38m
8 SSL08 1.67m 1.86m
10 SSL010 2.12m 2.34m
12 SSL012 2.55m 2.82m


Treads Product Code Open Size Closed Size
4 SSLGRP04 1.04m 1.17m
5 SSLGRP05 1.32m 1.47m
6 SSLGRP06 1.60m 1.77m
8 SSLGRP08 2.16m 2.37m
10 SSLGRP10 2.71m 2.99m


Treads Product Code Open Size Closed Size
4 PSL04 1.43m 1.60m
5 PSL05 1.66m 1.84m
6 PSL06 1.87m 2.08m
8 PSL08 2.32m 2.56m
10 PSL10 2.73m 3.01m
12 PSL12 3.19m 3.51m


Treads Product Code Open Size Closed Size
5 PSLGRP05 1.67m 1.80m
6 PSLGRP06 2.22m 2.49m
8 PSLGRP08 2.82m 3.09m
10 PSLGRP10 3.38m 3.69m