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Low Level Access- Mini Podium Steps

When working in tight confined spaces and/or with height restrictions, it is sometimes difficult to find suitable products that can work in those environments, that are fully guard railed and comply to Health and Safety standards. We have a couple of options that could help solve a few of these access issues.

Euro-Pod 500 Podium

This Podium has been designed for use when working at a very low level with height restrictions providing a platform height of either 0.5m or 0.25m. It has a typical podium base of 0.6m x 0.6m and can also be used on staircases by using the adjustable legs and standard base plates and also additional stabilisers.

Specification and Performance

Maximum Platform Height 0.50m
Maximum Working Height 2.50m
Maximum Guardrail Height 1.50m
Other Platform Heights None
Platform Dimension 0.60m x 0.60m
Anti-Surf Option Yes

Delta Deck

The Delta Deck is an ideal low level solution when working in a confined space or with a 3.0m height restriction. This versatile fully guard railed product provides multiple platform heights of 0.45m to a maximum of 0.87m and a platform base dimension of 1.00m x 0.60m. It is a one-piece unit that can be carried by one person (with its weight of only 25kg being within Health and Safety weight restrictions for one person). Alternatively, it can be pushed by using its’ two small castors.

Specification and Performance

Maximum Platform Height 0.87m
Maximum Working Height 2.87m
Maximum Guardrail Height 1.87m
Other Platform Heights 0.45m – 0.75m
Platform Dimension 1.0m x 0.6m
Base Dimension 1.2m x 0.7m
Anti-Surf Option Yes

View or download our product safety and assembly instructions:

Euro-Pod 500 Instruction GuideDelta Deck Assembly Guide