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Tower Scaffold – Specialist

Glass Fibre Tower (G.R.P.)

Glass Fibre Scaffold Tower (G.R.P.) is the only Tower that can be used when working within an electrically hazardous environment such as a power station or rail track sites, when all Access Equipment has to be non- conductive. Our Protec G.R.P. System is P.A.S.M.A. approved with a ‘3T Tower building method’. It has a single width frame of 0.9m and a platform length of 1.9m.

Glass Fibre Podium 1.2m

This cleverly designed folding podium has a platform height of 1.2m, letting the user work comfortably at 3.0m. This folding unit is a one-piece unit, apart from its 0.6m x 0.6m platform. A short folding ladder allows easy access via a lockable gate to the top platform. Anti-Surf feet are fitted as standard for extra safety, with the addition of two rear castors for transportation.

View or download our product safety and assembly instructions:

GRP Tower Assembly InstructionsGRP Podium Assembly Instructions