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Staging Boards

Staging Boards

Lightweight Staging Boards provide a firm platform when working at height, with minimal support. They can be used singularly or as part of a walkway when placed end to end if supported underneath and are commonly used for roofing projects. All Staging Boards are aluminium sided with either slatted boards or non-slip solid decking. Some Staging Boards have rubber strips underneath each side for extra grip.

An optional Double Handrail System can be fitted to one or both sides if necessary. Staging Boards can also be used to span between towers, scaffolding or anything that is capable of supporting each end. The width of each board is 0.45m with varying lengths from 2.4m up to a maximum of 7.2m.

Staging Board Sizes

2.4m x 0.45m
4.8m x 0.45m
2.7m x 0.45m
5.4m x 0.45m
3.0m x 0.45m
6.0m x 0.45m
3.6m x 0.45m
6.6m x 0.45m
4.2m x 0.45m
7.2m x 0.45m