The Omegadeck is a bridging desk span system that provides access when working in an environment where there are obstacles such as desks, benches and machinery that cannot be moved. There are two available platform sizes of 2.5m or 3.2m x 0.6m with a fixed platform height of 1.88m. There is a clearance height underneath the platform of 1.73m and clearance lengths of 2.43m and 3.13m depending on the model. The platform is supported at either side with frames and small outriggers that have lockable castors.

Omegadeck Bridging Platform Omega 2.5m Omega 3.2m
Maximum Platform Height 1.88m 1.88m
Maximum Working Height 3.88m 3.88m
Maximum Guardrail Height 2.88m 2.88m
Other Platform Heights
Platform Dimension 2.1m x 0.60m 2.80m x 0.60m
Height Below Platform 1.73m 1.73m
Width Between Frames 2.43m 3.13m
Outrigger Length (per side) 0.73m 0.73m