We have a large and comprehensive range of Scaffold Tower to suit every possible requirement.

Our Standard Octo 250 Tower is of the highest quality and durability providing safety and the most versatile of any tower available on the market.

The Octo 250 Tower can be used in various applications such as; spanning or bridging that creates a longer length platform tower, a 3 Legged Tower system (A.G.R) which is sometimes the only permitted method of ‘tower build’ on some strictly controlled construction sites.

There is also a range of specialist tower products available, including;

A dedicated Stair Tower that provides a safe and easy access on a staircase, whilst the tower is in situ.

The extra narrow one-man tower is very popular due to its compact dimensions and it’s ‘erection/dismantling method’ that is designed specifically for one person. It is also very easy to transport, thanks to it’s ingenious base section that stores it’s tower components when not in use and can also be easily wheeled around.

A non-conductive Glass Fibre Tower is necessary in dangerous environments such as power stations and rail track sites.

The Lift Shaft Tower is specifically designed to be used in installation and maintenance work within lift shafts, lifts or any confined space in which it can fit.

The Lift Shaft Tower provides safe access in high confined spaces and is built by using the 3T method. It also uses fixed base plates as standard and has unique Adjustable Side Props for added stability. It has compact dimensions of 0.88m (Wide) x 1.1m (Long).