The One-Man Tower has a very narrow width of just 0.7m in comparison to other Scaffold Towers. It is easily erected and dismantled and designed to be used by one person. It has a maximum platform height of 4.2m and a working height of over 6.0m.

In some circumstances the platform height can be extended up to 6.2m. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, it is ideal for light trade maintenance applications. The one-size frame system doesn’t need braces and is ingenious in its simplicity. The compact base size (0.7m x 1.3m) has a base-frame that folds into a trolley for storage and transportation.

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The One-Man Tower is perfect when space is of a premium and fits comfortably into most vans. Platform heights for this product are 1.2m, 2.2m, 3.2m, 4.2m and 6.2m.