The Stair Tower has been designed solely to provide safe unrestricted access when working on stairways. There are two ideal sized platform heights of 2.7m and 4.2m (from the lowest step), which usually fits onto most commercial staircases, allowing full staircase access via its walk-through frame design.The width of the Stair Tower is 0.7m and the platform length is 1.5m, providing a good sized working platform. The Stair tower’s fixed base plates and staggered frame system enable it to securely and safely sit on the staircase.


For all those applications on stairs that are just out of reach, the Stair Pod provides a safe answer. With a maximum platform height of 1.0m (from the lowest step) it is ideal for one person to use. It has a compact base dimension of 0.6m x 0.6m and can also be used on level surfaces, providing a working height of 2.5m.

Information Stair Pod 500 2.7m Stair Tower 4.2m Stair Tower
Maximum Platform Height (From Lowest Step) 1.00m 2.7m 4.2m
Maximum Platform Height (From Highest Step) 0.50m 1.50m 3.00m
Maximum Working Height +2.00m +2.00m +2.00m
Maximum Guardrail Height +1.00m +1.00m +1.00m
Other Platform Heights None None 2.70m
Width of Tower 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m
Platform Width 0.60m 0.60m 0.60m
Platform Length 0.60m 1.50m 1.50m