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Walkways / Walk-Boards

Spandeck & Staging Boards

Spandeck and Staging Board Walk-boards have many applications. They can be used singularly, as part of a span or bridging system or as part of a walkway run, which are commonly used on roofing projects. Staging/Spandeck have many varying sizes from 2.7m to 7.3m, depending on the product.

Safety handrails can be fitted to one or both sides of each Staging Board or Spandeck.


Spandeck is an unrivaled quality product built from high grade aluminium with a width of 0.6m. It has an integral toeboard and an optional handrail system that can be fitted to one or both sides of each deck, if necessary. Each deck has hooks that securely link each Spandeck end-to-end (with the use of link brackets) creating continuous walkway runs. Additional Roof Trollies allow the decks to be slid and locked into position when used on roof purlins. Or alternatively, a Purlin Anchors system can be used to fix the decks to the roof purlins.

Staging Boards

Staging Boards are more of a lightweight construction with a width of 0.45m and are more cost effective. Staging Boards are aluminum sided with either slatted with boards or a non-slip fixed solid board option. Some Staging boards have non-slip rubber strips fitting for extra grip.