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Specialist Tower – Lift Shaft Tower

Lift Shaft Tower Hire in Leeds and Yorkshire from Zig Zag Access

Lift Shaft Tower

The Lift Shaft Tower provides safe access with a maximum platform height of 30.95m, with multiple platform heights when working within a confined space. Specifically to be used in the installation and maintenance of lifts and lift shafts, in high rise buildings or any confined space in which it can fit.

It is built following the 3T Method and conforms to BS EN1004 3/12XXXD European Standard and uses base plates and a specially designed safety side prop system for stability.

Specification and Performance

Maximum Platform Height
Other Platform Heights
1.4m – 29.10m
Safe Working Load Per Platform
250kg Distributed
Safe Working Load Per Structure

View or download our product safety and assembly instructions:

Lift Shaft Tower Assembly Guide