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While the majority of scaffolders take precautions to avoid damage to properties when working at height, accidents can and do still happen. Whether you’re tackling a chimney, the eaves of a listed stately home, or a roof with Velux windows, it’s important to put in place as many safety measures as possible, and that means protecting the building in question, not just your workers.

Stop Nocs are a simple and effective way of avoiding damage caused by erecting, moving, using, and dismantling scaffolding. Although most reputable scaffolding companies have public liability insurance, this doesn’t necessarily save you from the wrath of an angry homeowner or site manager should any accidental damage occur.

Prevent scaffolding damage with Stop Nocs

While they’re not 100% foolproof, Stop Nocs can help protect the surfaces against which scaffold towers and podium steps are placed. They act as protection bumpers with shock absorbing properties, and can prove invaluable when working with many types of access equipment. They are also fire-retardant. So, as well as stopping your scaffold towers scuffing and denting building exteriors, Stop Nocs won’t cause premises to go up in smoke in the event of a fire.

Here at Zig Zag Access, we sell Stop Nocs in three commonly-used sizes – 150mm, 250mm, and 275mm. These are usually sold in packs of four, but if you require a larger amount, we can ship you multiple packs. Once you’ve received your items, all you need to do is simply push them on to fit around the corners and edges of your scaffold tower or structure. These Stop Noc bumpers will help prevent damage to the building, as well as damage to your scaffolding, workmen, and passers-by.

How the number one access equipment company in Leeds, West Yorkshire can help your business further

As the number one access equipment retail and hire centre in the West Yorkshire area, Zig Zag Access can also help your company with a number of other scaffolding-related products. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand either inside our Leeds depot or via telephone to answer any questions you might have or give detailed advice on our extensive range of equipment.

We hire and sell low-level access equipment, including Sherpascopic and Zap 2 Platforms, Omegadeck Deskspan, Alpha Step Podiums, Delta Deck Podiums, Sigmandeck Folding Towers, Razor Decks, and Boxing Ring Towers. We also stock a broad range of tower scaffolds such as stairwell, boxing ring, glass fibre and one-man mobile towers, as well as bespoke tower systems. Plus, we have an impressive range of ladders and temporary walkways that can help you carry out a variety of tasks.

If you’re based in the Leeds or West Yorkshire area, you can drop into see us in person at 174A Gelderd Road, Leeds, LS12 6LZ. Alternatively, you can set up a Zig Zag Access trade account, which our clients tell us is the most convenient way to manage all their scaffold and access requirements. Plus, we can often create your trade account the very same day you request it!