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If you work in the construction industry and regularly use or construct scaffolding or scaffold towers as part of your job, you really ought to know about a trade association called PASMA.

What is PASMA?

PASMA (which stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) is the industry body for the mobile access tower industry, and it regularly publishes safety-related guidance and information, as well as overseeing the UK’s industry standard training scheme.

Do I need to become a member?

PASMA currently offers four categories of membership: Manufacturing; Training; Hire Assembly, and Hirer/Dealers, and there is a joining fee, annual fee, and other associated registration costs. However, it might not be necessary for either you or your business to become a member as PASMA training may well be sufficient.

Can I hire equipment without training?

When you use Zig Zag Access for your scaffolding hire and sales needs in Leeds, West Yorkshire, you’ll find that we don’t require you to have undergone training to hire scaffold towers and other types of scaffolding equipment. However, if you intend to use a tower in a health-and-safety-controlled environment, the main body responsible for health and safety may insist that you receive and provide proof of your training.

Training courses and best practice

PASMA provides a number of training courses that are suited to different construction job roles. For example, there are Towers for Users, Towers for Managers, Towers for Riggers, and Towers on Stairs courses. If your job involves working from a mobile tower but not building, moving, adjusting or dismantling towers, PASMA’s Work at Height Essentials Course may be better suited to your needs.

In addition, there are published safety guidelines for mobile scaffold towers on PASMA’s website that explain the product standard EN1004 and the safe wind speeds for working with this kind of equipment.

Why it pays to be safe with scaffolding

When it comes to scaffolding, it’s always better to be safe than sorry because the unexpected and possibly tragic consequences of not following best practise simply aren’t worth the risk. Remember, it’s not just workers that are exposed to injury when working in close proximity to scaffold towers, but also members of the public and visitors to construction sites. This recent news story that appeared in Scaffmag is just one example of when things can go horribly wrong. As you can see from the video footage, a poorly constructed and badly managed 30ft mobile access tower came crashing down onto a busy street in Winchester. Remarkably, no-one was injured during the incident, but if the timing had been different, who knows what may have come to pass.

Where to go for scaffolding hire in Leeds and West Yorkshire

Zig Zag Access is one of the largest scaffolding hire and access equipment hire centres in the North of England. Based in the heart of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we sell and hire equipment to some of the biggest contractors in the UK. So, if you’re looking for a safe choice for your scaffolding needs, talk to Zig Zag Access today. We won’t let you down.