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Here at Zig Zag Access, we stock a diverse selection of access equipment including ladders, which are vital to those working in the scaffolding and construction industries.

Reaching high-up areas such as roofs always involves an element of risk and, therefore, the last thing you want is for your ladder to let you down. That’s why it’s so important to invest in high-caliber access apparatus. Like the rest of our range, Werner ladders are made with reliability, safety, and quality in mind. From November 2015, Zig Zag Access is pleased to announce the addition of Werner aluminium extension ladders to our rapidly-growing range of access equipment.

Introducing aluminium extension ladders from Werner

These brand-new aluminium extension ladders allow you to perform a variety of tasks and are available in different heights and materials. The 72200 series has an impressive load capacity of 150kg, which makes it ideal for industrial use. Werner’s design of the sturdy stiles results in a ladder is both lightweight and strong. Werner has included various features to help keep you safe at all times, including anti-slip D-shaped rungs, and manual, thumb-operated locking catches to guard against accident separation.

The double and triple box section aluminium extension ladders are available to purchase in seven different sizes: 1.85m, 2.41m, 2.97m, 3.53m, 4.09m, 4.37m, and 4.93m. Depending on which model you choose to buy, the product will give you an extended height of up to 10.21m and a maximum safe reach height of 10.62m.

As we mentioned earlier, the manufacturer has gone to considerable efforts to make each ladder in the 72200 range as lightweight as possible. This means that the shortest product (72218 – 3.6m Double Box Section) weighs in at a mere 8.3kg and the tallest (72341 – 4.09m Triple Box Section) weighs approximately 30.7kg.

Each product in the range complies with BS EN131 standards that cover ladders and stepladders constructed from steel, aluminium, plastics, and timber. This ensures that each Werner ladder is fully capable of supporting the correct load in line with its intended use.

Of course, Zig Zag Access also sells non-Werner aluminium extension ladders. We offer double extension products that have maximum extension heights of 3.82m through to 8.83m and weigh as little as 9kg, as well as triple extension ladders with heights of between 5.22m and 10.22m .

To make a purchase, you can either order by telephone or visit us in person, although we recommend you check we have the ladder you require in stock prior to making your journey. We deliver throughout West Yorkshire, as well as parts of East, South, and North Yorkshire. Depending on your order requirements and size, we may also be able to deliver to the North East, Lancashire, and the Midlands.

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