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Rehiring equipment is a considerable risk for hire companies as you’re reliant on another party to literally deliver the goods. If they let you down, it will reflect badly on your business. In worst case scenarios, it could even lose you a valued customer. Plus, it could cost you a significant amount of money in the process. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that you’re putting your professional reputation on the line every time you use a third party for your scaffolding rehire needs.

Ensuring you use a reliable and reputable firm is especially important when rehiring access equipment and, in particular, tower scaffolds, due to the bundle of components that can be easily lost or stolen. Many hire companies are unwilling to offer this service due to the risks involved.

However, there’s one business that doesn’t shy away from this increasingly popular market – Zig Zag Access. We’re the proud suppliers of both local and national hire companies, and provide an exceptional service which many of our competitors can only dream of delivering.

National Hire Companies

Size isn’t everything, but in this line of work, being the owner of a smaller national hire company can have its downsides. When it comes to competing with bigger operations, Zig Zag Access can give you the upper hand by helping you supply equipment on demand. We also appreciate you may have limited storage space to accommodate a sufficient amount of tower scaffolds and staging boards. Just three examples of businesses that fall into this category are Banner Plant, JMS Plant Hire, and Brandon Hire, all of whom regularly take advantage of our efficient service and competitive rehiring rates. This mainly applies to the Yorkshire area – particularly Leeds, Bradford, York and Sheffield.

Local Hire Companies

Local hire companies also benefit from the services Zig Zag Access offers. On a typical day, we have several businesses collecting equipment for cross-hire, as well as purchasing access equipment from our extensive range of products.

Internet-based and Cross-Hire Companies

The last category of rehire customers that we work with are national internet-based companies and specialists who advertise cross-hiring throughout the U.K. The best examples are Lakeside Hire and The Hire Network, who both use us extensively to fulfill orders in Yorkshire, and sometimes Lancashire, the North East and the Midlands. In these situations, it is imperative that the supplying hire company delivers an efficient service, as the end user of the equipment isn’t always a regular customer or hirer.

As with many things in life, rehiring can be a risk. However, it’s also possible to do it successfully, but only when you involve Zig Zag Access!  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you make the business of rehiring a lot less tiring.