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Podium steps are a safe alternative to traditional stepladders when you’re working at height. They are particularly stable to use and include guardrails for added support. In fact, the Work at Height Regulations 2005 recommend that you use podium steps or tower scaffolds in situations where the frequency and duration of the task is increased in comparison to short duration tasks, such as changing a single light bulb.

There are several different types of podium steps, and unless your company has an abundance of storage space and a generous budget, you probably won’t be able to access all of them on-site. When you turn to Zig Zag Access, however, you can purchase or hire the products you need as and when necessary. And, as well as selling and hiring directly from our Leeds city centre warehouse, we are also able to fulfill orders for the West Yorkshire and surrounding areas by delivering the goods to our customers directly.

Which podium steps are best?

There’s only really one answer to this question, and that’s that it depends on the job in hand. We stock several different types of low-level access platforms, so you can be sure that there’s one to suit your personal requirements. Each is different from the other and has its own advantages, which allows you to choose the right equipment for each situation.

The current podiums that you can buy or hire from Zig Zag Access are Deltadeck, Alpha Step, Sigmadeck, Sherpascopic 4/6, Sherpascopic 5/7, Zap 2, Razor Deck, Boxing Ring, and Omegadeck. Our team of experts will be happy to give you more advice and show you demonstration models in-store. Alternatively, we can assist you equally well over the phone if you’d like to call us on 0113 279 9000 for further information.

Alpha Steps

If you’re carrying out work at standard ceiling height, Alpha Steps can prove extremely handy. They have a maximum platform height of 1m, but can also be used at 0.7m, 0.5m, and 0.25m. Access to the platform is gained via steps and a gate, and guardrails are also included to provide safe access.

Delta Deck

For projects that need carrying out at heights of around 3.0m, and in particular, confined spaces, Delta Deck is an excellent choice. It’s extremely versatile as it offers eight different working heights, the maximum of which is 0.84m. Plus, it’s fully guardrailed and is light enough for one person to lift and carry.

Omegadeck Deskspan

Omegadeck Deskspan is suited to projects which require you to carry out work over machinery or desks thanks to its mobile ‘up and over’ method of access. The maximum platform height it offers is 1.88m.

Sherpascopics and Zap 2 Platforms

Both of these podium steps can be hired or purchased in three different sizes. The Sherpascopic 4/6 provides a max platform height of 1.6m while the Sherpascopic 5/7 has a max height of 2.2m. Zap 2 platforms go up to 2.4m. All three products have the added benefit of being adjustable while in an upright position. Fold-out stabilisers and guardrails are also included.

Place your podium steps order today

Call us on 0113 279 900 to purchase or hire your choice of podium steps today, or create a trade account with Zig Zag Access online to make placing your current and future orders with us as convenient and quick as possible.