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Working at height can be dangerous, and when scaffolding is involved, the risk of accidents affecting both workers and members of the public can rise even higher. While the majority of associated hazards can be dramatically reduced by following safety guidelines and best practice, not everyone treats scaffolding with the due care and attention it warrants.

Just before Christmas 2015, a Leicestershire company was fined for failing to follow a safe system of work while carrying out repairs to a shop front on Charles Street in Leicester in January 2015. After the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) carried out an investigation into the incident, it found that the scaffolding had not been tied to the building nor had the sheeting been removed. The team performing the work spent four days dismantling the structure and, in the HSE’s opinion, failed to inspect the scaffolding’s condition before beginning to take it down, as well as neglected to correct any defects that would have ensured it didn’t collapse.

As a result of this negligence, the structure blew over, hitting a bus, a parked van, and two members of the public, the latter of who were both treated for minor injuries at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Emperor Scaffolding Limited pled guilty to offences under Regulation 28(1) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. This regulation states that “suitable and sufficient steps must be taken to prevent or control the unintended movement of any vehicle (mobile work equipment)”. The company was fined £8,000 with costs of £2,000.

This news article featured in a recent issue of ScaffMag and attracted plenty of comments and criticism from those in the construction industry. One reader wrote, “No scaffold should collapse if it’s tied in properly. Whoever built it should face prison as innocent people could’ve been killed! Gives us conscientious scaffolders a bad name!”

High-risk scaffolding equipment needn’t mean high hire prices

Just because working with access equipment can be risky if sufficient safety measures aren’t followed doesn’t mean that scaffolding hire should be equally perilous. So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy, cost-effective, and expert hire service in the Yorkshire area, make sure you come to Zig Zag Access. We also sell an extensive range of access equipment that includes Alpha Step Podiums, stairwell towers, Spandeck walkways, boxing ring towers, Delta Deck Podiums, glass fibre towers, one-man towers, and ladders.

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